A word about Alkasir v2 and DHT

When the development of Alkasir v2 started, one of the tasks that were assigned included the creation of Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) to enable secure distribution of node information via a peer-to-peer system composed of Alkasir users across the world. The plan was to use DHT entry points, bootstraps or routers to connect users to each other. One option was to use a central bootstrap service such as the one available at dht.bittorrent.com.

Alkasir v2 pre-beta testing commences

Alkasir version 2 is currently in the late stages of development and its pre-beta build is being tested by a selected number of volunteer testers in several countries. An invitation will be sent today to members of alkasir.com to test that version and report back to the developers.

IMPORTANT: To continue using alkasir, please update to Alkasir 1.4_build_007

To continue using Alkasir v1.4, please update the version you have to the new build (1.4_build_007). This is necessary due to ongoing steps to transitioning to the new version of Alkasir (v2.0).

Downtime due to migration to new servers to release Alkasir 2.0

We are glad to inform you that there is tremendous progress in the development of Alkasir 2.0. Apart from being much more resilient and powerful in mapping and circumventing website censorship, the new version will also be cross-platform and open-source.

Alkasir 2.0: Open-source, cross-platform, and focused on blocking-resistance

Alkasir team members Walid Al-Saqaf (founder) and Thomas Frössman (lead developer) presented the development version of Alkasir 2.0 during a workshop in the Circumvention Tech Festival held in Valencia during 2-6 March.

The event was an opportunity to showcase the main differences and expected features that the new version, to be released later this year, are. Among the most distinct differences are the following:

Alkasir v2 to be announced at the 2015 Circumvention Tech Festival

Finally, the first announcement of the upcoming launch of the second generation of Alkasir (v2) is to take place soon. The software a development version. It will be announced at the Circumvention Tech Festival to be held in Valencia, Spain early next month (March 2015).

Alkasir 1.4.006 build released

We received some complaints concerning connection issues with the latest 006 build so we have done some adjustments and released the latest build.

Maintenance complete and preparations for launch of alkasir 2.0 continue

We are pleased to inform you that maintenance on the server has been completed and the software should now be working as normal.

Alkasir undergoing maintenance

Alkasir servers are undergoing some maintenance and so the software may not be work reliably until the process is over.

Happy New Year and exciting news and developments ahead!

Dear friends,

First of all, we wish you all a Happy New Year full of prosperity and success.

It's been quite awhile since new updates or announcements were published. We apologize for the long silence. However, Alkasir remains working with thousands still using it normally.

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